Angelena Moio


owner - bouquet maker - pinterest addict

An Arizona native with an undeniably Southwestern soul.. This visual designer turned floral designer has a background in art installations, visual display, color theory, terrarium making & all things DIY. In pursuit of being her own boss, she launched Shindig Chic in 2012 to help all those in love.  She is a total control freak {in a good way}, constant brainstormer, compulsive photo taker & a true chatterbox. She is not afraid of color, loves a challenge and she is always happiest when holding flowers.

loves - mauve + marigold - ranunculus - yarn - terra cotta - crystals

footstompin' folk - agua fresca - s'MORES - dumplings - neverland


installations artist - painter - conceptualizer

The true artist in our collective, this girl can illustrate anything you could ever imagine.  Whether she's writing sweet wishes for wedding signs, painting portraits of our favorite flowers or dreaming up backdrops.  She's got an eye for composition, texture & sculpture with some serious experience to back it up. An east coast transplant, she is constantly inspired by all the varying nature of California & how it can influence her art.

loves - TURQUOISE - scabiosa - HAND DYED PAPER - macrame - watercolors

80S HITS & OLDIES - thai tea - ICE CREAM - tacos - SUNSETS

Erin Elyse Long, Erin Long


bold color palettes

soul music

crystals & geodes

fresh sliced citrus & tropical fruits

mismatched bridesmaids

lush bougainvillea

bringing the outdoors, indoors

clever puns & personal touches

taco bars & food trucks

brides that become our friends

creative freedom

things that make us jump for joy


divas & bridezillas

stuffy hotel ballrooms

plain primary colors

​red roses & baby's breath combo

unnaturally round bouquets

grooms in ilfitted tuxes

too tall centerpieces

obligatory traditions

bland buffets

monotony & mediocrity

taking things too seriously

things that make us ROLL OUR EYES