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An Arizona native with an undeniably Southwestern soul. This visual designer turned floral designer has a background in art installations, visual display, color theory & all things DIY. In pursuit of being her own boss, she launched Shindig Chic in 2012 to help all those in love.  She is a total control freak {in a good way}, compulsive photo taker & a true chatterbox. She is not afraid of color, loves a challenge and is always happiest when holding flowers.

loves - mauve + marigold - ranunculus - yarn - terra cotta - crystals

footstompin' folk - agua fresca - s'MORES - dumplings - joshua tree


complex color palettes   •   soul music

crystals & geodes   •   fresh sliced citrus & tropical fruits

mismatched bridesmaids   •   bringing the outdoors, indoors

clever puns & personal touches   •   taco bars & food trucks

brides that become our friends   •   creative freedom

things that make US jump for joy


divas & bridezillas.  •  stuffy hotel ballrooms

plain primary colors​   •   unnaturally round bouquets

grooms in ilfitted tuxes   •   too tall centerpieces

obligatory traditions   •   bland buffets

monotony & mediocrity   •   taking things too seriously

things that make us ROLL OUR EYES


floral design
floral installations
backdrop design
event styling
mood boards
seating charts
custom signage
menus + paper goods
macrame + fiber art
painting + illustration
what we don't do
wedding coordination
event planning