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About Us


complex color palettes   •   soul music

crystals & geodes   •   fresh sliced citrus & tropical fruits

mismatched bridesmaids   •   bringing the outdoors, indoors

clever puns & personal touches   •   taco bars & food trucks

brides that become friends   •   creative freedom

things that make US jump for joy


owner - bouquet maker - pinterest addict

Our founder + head creative Angelena is an Arizona native with a Southwestern soul. A visual designer turned floral designer with a background in art installations, visual display, merchandising, color theory & all things DIY. In pursuit of being her own boss, she launched Shindig Chic in 2012 to help those in love.  She is not afraid of color, loves a challenge, is unusually left brain for a creative type, a real chatterbox & compulsive photo taker.  She also has the cutest dachshund.. ever?

Shindig Chic is a truly bespoke experience, as Angelena creates every bouquet + special piece for each wedding herself.  We typically take on only one wedding per day & offer a completely personal experience.

Our couples are our biggest inspiration. We don't believe that any two weddings should ever be the same. We collaborate with our couples to take what they love most + our design experience to create something truly personal for them.  Hunting for the seasonal 'flavor of the week' at the flower mart is our secret to success & individuality... and half the fun!

We draw inspiration from a variety of new-fashioned wedding styles like bohemian, modern, wild+funky, whimsical, soft+romantic, tropical & offbeat. Our changing surroundings keep us inspired and we love lofts, estates, deserts & gardens equally.


divas & bridezillas.  •  stuffy hotel ballrooms

plain primary colors​   •   unnaturally round bouquets

grooms in ilfitted tuxes   •   too tall centerpieces

obligatory traditions   •   bland buffets

monotony & mediocrity   •   taking things too seriously

things that make US ROLL OUR EYES


floral design
floral installations
event styling
mood boards
seating charts
custom signage
menus + paper goods
yarn + fiber art
what we don't do
wedding coordination
event planning
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